The Incredible Scott and Amie Yancey Story

Real estate investing is a lucrative career, side job, or even hobby, depending on serious you want to get into it. Scott and Amie Yancey, two hit personalities on Flipping Vegas, know just how lucrative and profitable real estate investing can be. Scott, Amie, and the other experts and teachers at each of the real estate workshops and seminars they hold also have a drive towards spreading their real estate education and knowledge.

While it’s easy to justify going to the Scott and Amie Yancey events just on that alone, hesitant potential investors still want to know a little backstory about the two. It’s reasonable to question celebrities on their expertise – but Scott and Amie both have the background to back up what they say.

How Scott Yancey Got Started

From a young age, Scott Yancey had a passion for real estate and entrepreneurship alike. He learned at an early age that your money works for you, so when he got into an accident that got him an insurance settlement of the sum of $30,000, he didn’t just save it away like most teenagers his age would. He instead decided to invest, purchasing the second deed of trust for a home mortgage. It was set at a 14% interest rate.

While he was in college, Scott assisted with multiple real estate transactions. This includes the impressive deal he made by purchasing a 40-unit apartment complex, fixing it up into condos, assembled a list of land deals, and had them subsidized into 3,000 lots.

Scott Yancey Starts Goliath Company

Scott Yancey is not just a TV personality or a real estate investing specialist, but he’s also the CEO of Goliath Company, which he started from the ground up in 2003. Initially, Goliath Company was just a real estate company that offered expertise around the Las Vegas area. When the crash of 2008 happened, though, Yancey, his fellow real estate colleagues, and countless others experienced an abrupt halt to the way the marketplace used to be.

While Yancey wasn’t as surefooted as he is today, he pushed Goliath Company through the astounding turn it had to make in order to adapt to the way the Scott Yancey standing next to carhousing marketplace was now. For the good of the city he’d come to love and in an effort to try an alternative to the real estate angle he’d always used, Yancey began flipping Las Vegas properties. From there, the rest fell into place.

Best of all, Yancey is buying all of the dilapidated homes throughout the Las Vegas area while he does this, restoring them to their full potential, and flipping them for a reasonable profit. He gets to educate those who want to learn about real estate investing while also fixing up the city and surrounding area he calls home.

Goliath Company handles all variables involved with real estate, from income properties and land development to buying and selling. They went from just a real estate company to an all-in-one for any potential real estate needs you could possibly have. Now, they’re capable of adapting to the rapidly changing roads that the housing marketplace travels, keeping up with the demands the help its partners and clients find success.

Amie, Scott’s wife, is not just labeled as an expert because she’s a Yancey. On the contrary, she earned the title, working with Scott as an investor, agent, and interior designer, the area she specializes in. Since interior designing is the profession she excels in, she never leaves a home they’re going to flip vanilla. She gets deep into the architectural spirit of the home, embracing its roots and bringing out all the best qualities in it.

Net Worth and Television History

Since 2004 when Scott and Amie relocated to Las Vegas, Amie’s managed to personally sell over 700 homes. Interestingly, while Scott Yancey’s net worth is an impressive $5 million, Amie Yancey’s net worth matches it exactly. They both have a net worth in the six figures from their years of success in the real estate and real estate investing world.

While Scott and Amie have been flipping properties in Las Vegas since their move in 2004, there’s also the TV show they’ve kept up with since 2011. Flipping Vegas, created by Lovable Scoundrels Production and Yancey himself, premiered on June 18 of 2011. Since then, it’s ushered in a new genre of TV shows, since there were premiers in 2012 and 2013 for hit shows Flipping Miami and Flipping Boston, respectively.

The Creation of Yancey Events

Yancey Events was also created by the Yancey’s, designed to help potential investors learn everything they need to know about real estate investing. They provide educational seminars and workshops while they travel across the USA, allowing them to spread their years of knowledge and expertise to those who need it. They understand and wholeheartedly accept the thrill of having new investors in the real estate investing world, giving them all the tools they need for real success.

Outside of their many day jobs, Scott and Amie don’t just focus on giving back with the knowledge and real estate education they provide. They like to give back through generous donations to various charities. Since Scott Yancey’s net worth of $5 million matches Amie’s, they know they have money to throw around to those who actually need it.

Philanthropists in their own right, they’ve also started multiple charities and charity events themselves, including Ride to Recovery. This charity event was centered around Scott and Amie matching donations of up to $25,000 for the project hero fund they were working on. There’s even a glimpse into the world Scott and Amie immerse themselves in since they have the money to spend on their show, Flipping Vegas. In one episode, the Yanceys are seen donating a home to a homeless wounded veteran in need.

So, the Yanceys are very involved in real estate, flipping properties on their own accord, hosting live events and seminars, touring the country, and much more.

Scott Yancey and his wife Amie
Scott and Amie Yancey

They’re also charitable, giving back like they know they can. Outside of that, though, they do have personal lives that add dimension to their characters and depth to their personalities as a whole.

The Fast Paced and Fun Lifestyle

The couple has had a love for fast action and fast-paced style long before they even knew each other, with Scott getting his first fixer-upper when he was just 16. He sold his drums and got a ’67 Mustang, lined on the inside with a flawless interior. The only problem was the front end was completely totaled.

Since the Mustang debacle, Scott has purchased over 50 cars, including street legal racing cars and the impressive Porsche GT3RS. Not only does he have the last generation GT3RS, but he also cruises in style in his Mclaren MP4 and his ever-so-flawless Ferrari 458. Truly, they’re vehicles that can make your mouth water.

Amie Yancey Loves Cars and Extreme Sports

Amie Yancey with sports carAmie Yancey is no different, having the same love for extreme sports as Yancey does for cars. Her passion was in drag racing, as she is often see drag racing in her Porsche throughout the Vegas area. Not only that, but she also has over 8 motorcycles, and she’s got a passion for dirt biking, horseback riding, and other extreme or otherwise dangerous sports that are usually done outside. She’s a ranch girl, through and through, and it’s reflected in her daredevil spirit and go-getter attitude.

The celebrity personalities aren’t new to the camera, which is why they’re seen driving their impressive vehicles and getting into their wild shenanigans without much of a care. Their personal life doesn’t have to tie in with real estate for it to work in their favor.

Given their background and a little about their history in the past as far as real estate and real estate investing is concerned, Scott and Amie Yancey both check out. They aren’t just touring the country providing detailed seminars and educational workshops to get your money. They’re experts, with the knowledge you need to get into real estate investing like they do.

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How to Get Big Returns on Your Next House Flip

House flipping is an investing strategy that helps you make an enormous amount of money provided you know how to do it right.  To ensure big returns, take into consideration the following tips:

•    Calculate – House flipping involves numbers and so it is important to do the math. How much money do you need to successfully flip a house? You need to calculate up to the last dollar so that you will have an idea as to how much money you can make from flipping a house. The cost of house flipping includes the money you spent to buy the property, renovation cost including the materials and labor, tax, advertising, and the likes.

•    Identify your target market – Who is your target market? As a house flipper, you have to know your target beforehand so that you can tailor your flip according to your market’s needs. Amie Yancey is an expert in the Las Vegas area and would tell you that if your target are families with children, then you should choose a house situated in an area with amenities like schools, hospitals, churches, market, shopping malls, and the likes. If your market are retirees, then you have to choose a property situated in an area that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

•    Renovate with buyers in mind – you shouldn’t let your emotions get in the way when flipping a house. Remember that you are flipping the house for your target market and not for your own use. One of the reasons why your profit is reduced is you tend to over renovate the property because you let your personal taste get in the way. You have to know what your potential buyers wants and incorporate them in your flip. Focus on the basics such as updating the bathroom and kitchen fixtures, improving the landscaping of the house, applying fresh paint, and the likes. You don’t need to add a Jacuzzi. It will eat a huge portion of your budget and it will add up to the asking price of the house. If your target market can’t afford the price, then you don’t necessarily need such kind of cosmetic update. Focus on the ones that will make the house appealing to your market without having to spend a lot.

How to Start Flipping Houses

House flipping is one of the best ways to make money in the real estate industry as long as you do it the right way.  People like Scott Yancey were able to build money raining down on flipped houseswealth through flipping houses. When it comes to flipping houses, you get to do it in many different ways. It will be the method you choose that will define your success. Just like many other industries, starting in the business is always difficult.

Important House Flipping Tips for Beginners

•    Do not spend too much – For you to maximize your profit, you need to make sure that you do not spend too much on renovations. Although this does not mean you have to compromise the quality of the renovation process. Focus only on the necessary such as renovating the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the areas of the house that directly affect the buying decision of the buyer.

•    Make sure you do the flip correctly – As someone new in the business, you will be prone to making mistakes. However, it does not give you an excuse to commit mistakes. You have to remember that in the real estate business, a single mistake can be very costly. To avoid mistakes, you have to make sure you are doing things the right way. Follow the basic principles of house flipping. Improve the quality of your flip by using only high quality materials. Never attempt to use substandard materials and workmanship as it will not only affect the safety of the potential buyers. It will also affect your credibility as a house flipper.

•    Stick to the budget – You should set a flipping budget only after a thorough inspection of the property. Once you set the budget, you have to do everything you can to stick by it. Do not attempt to fix the unnecessary as it will only eat a huge portion of your budget.

•    Consider the location when pricing – The quality of the flip is not always the thing you need to factor in when setting the price. You have to consider the location. The potential selling price of the house is greatly influenced by its location.

Learn Everything About Flipping Houses Before You Start

Flipping houses may sound easy but in reality it is not. There are so many things you have to keep in mind. However, as you go along you will be able to master the ins and outs of the business. The first flip is always the hardest but through practice and dedication, you will get better as you flip one property at a time.